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Shanghai doesn't exactly offer the healthiest of lifestyle options. Between the dangerous traffic, air pollution, late night eating and drinking binges, we oftentimes neglect our physical well-being.

One of the first things that all Expats should become familiar with upon first arriving to Shanghai is how to navigate the medical system. It's quite different from the system we're used to back home and sometimes can be down-right frightening (do you ever notice that nobody pulls over for the ambulances?)

We don't want to scare you though. So we've prepared a few good tips that you should hopefully find useful in a difficult situation.


Download our "Medical in Shanghai Without BS" Guide
Use our helpful cheat sheet to identify your most important anatomical features - in Chinese! Print the guide and bring it with you to the hospital or pharmacy to ease the communication barriers between you and your doctor, nurse or local pharmacist. To download the PDF version, click on the links below:


Get a list of medical facilities in Shanghai (provided by the US Consulate General, updated 2008)
The US Consulate General usually keeps a summary of medical facilities in and around Shanghai with addresses and contact phone numbers. Click here for the latest list that was updated in 2008 which also includes Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Please note that the hospitals and clinics mentioned in this document are not endorsed by the US Consulate nor are they endorsed by Love Box.


Attend a Shanghai 123 session at the Community Center Shanghai – It’s FREE!
The Community Center Shanghai offers a very valuable workshop for newly arrived Expats to Shanghai. The workshop is free and includes helpful tips for you and your family members on:

  • Adjusting to Culture Shock
  • Navigating the medical system in Shanghai
  • Achieving a healthy work/life balance
  • Settling in and exploring opportunities

For more details on the Shanghai 123 program (including the schedule for 2013 – you can go to their website at -


avatar Joe Holt
I'm glad to have discovered this blog before my Shanghai trip next month.
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