City Weekend Magazine - March 2009


Home & Office section
March 5-18 2009

Carson Block | Owner, Love Box Self Storage

Put a Box in It

So what exactly can people store with you? Businesses can store inventory, samples, files, furniture-whatever they need to-at our facility.

What are the benefits of storing these items? Well, by freeing up space, small companies may be able to downsize their offices. Individuals and families can put things in storage and downsize their apartments in order to save money.

There’s definitely a lot of movement among expats right now. Yes, for expats being sent home who aren’t sure about whether or not coming back, self storage is a great option. They can rent a unit for a few months.

So what if they don’t return? We can ship their belongings over for them. Here’s a tip: If you think you may need your goods shipped and they amount to less than a container load, use hard, cheap plastic bins (you can find them at Wal-mart or Carrefour) instead of boxes to store breakable items. We also offer a mailbox service, so we can receive bills, letters and so forth for people who’ve left town.

That’s helpful. Any other tips? Storage provides a solution for tenant-landlord disputes over furniture. Many landlords are reluctant to remove furniture because they have nowhere to store it. With us, they can put it away and not worry.

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