Grocery Shopping in Shanghai Without BS


Grocery Shopping in Shanghai Without BS is the third installment in the “Shanghai Without BS” series. By using this list, you can minimize the hassle of having to find things at the supermarket. The instructions are simple:

  1. Download the PDF (by clicking on the links below) and print.
  2. Mark the items you need.
  3. Take it with you to the store to show them what you want or better yet, give it to your Ayi to do your shopping for you!
Click on the links below to download the PDF.

Grocery Shopping in Shanghai Without BS - side 1
Grocery Shopping in Shanghai Without BS - side 2

Happy Shopping!


thank you for that post. it is very useful.
avatar Kim Choi
Can you please fix the link to side one of the grocery list, it has an error message that the link is broken?

Many thanks,
avatar Anke
Thanks for the great shopping list side 2. It´s very helpful for the ayi and me. Please could you mail me the first one, I couldn´t download the first side :-(
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